The Access to Funding & Finance late Breakfast

Friday 25th October 2019, 09:30-12:30
Organised by the Business Innovation and Growth Group

Hosted by: Ian Tracey, Head of Access to Funding & Finance - Knowledge Transfer Network and Nicola Musgrove, Sales and Marketing Director at Oxinet.


This session will be an excellent opportunity to connect with quantum and deep physics investors, companies in this space and funding advisers.  If you are an investor in quantum technology /  physics centric / engineering companies, or a such a company, then this late breakfast will be a fun and very useful morning. 

  • Investors will share their top tips on how to secure investment
  • We will share with you some valuable networking tips
  • Host an open mic session to pitch to the investors
  • And end with a masterclass on innovation funding options and top tips.



Breakfast and networking (in IOP Accelerator Centre co-working space)


A 3 min introduction on how to do a 30 second pitch.  Ian and Nicola, who have run many similar sessions, will then go round the room show casing investors who are active and ask them to give a tip on how to connect with investors. 


Networking hour – an opportunity to make quality connections with investors, companies and funding advisers. 


Open mic - companies pitch to the room - 30 seconds each and fast paced.


A workshop to the room, for those who want to stay:   In this session Ian will describe the key points need to cover in a well written Innovate UK grant application and give an overview of the current open grant programmes.  He will cover the common mistakes that people make and identify other typical sources of funding. 

is Head of Access to Funding & Finance at the Knowledge Transer Network (KTN).  In this role he helps companies to identify the most suitable form of funding; grants, investment, lending etc. to allow them to grow. The Knowledge Transfer Network helps businesses get the best out of creativity, ideas and the latest discoveries, to strengthen the UK economy and improve people’s lives. KTN is a network partner of Innovate UK.

Nicola previously worked in European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centres (ESA BIC) and is currently Sales and Marketing Director at Oxinet.

Key dates

Registration deadline:

11 October 2019